Join us for Sunday morning 10 am Worship in the Sanctuary – All ages are welcome!

While Sunday worship is only one of the many ways to experience the Holy, it continues to be a central one at MUCC. You will find a place for reflection – prayer – beautiful music – and meaningful connection.

Windows and Doors

It is said that it is important for worship services and communities to have a variety of points of entry as people are diverse in what speaks to them. Music is one of the central points of entry at MUCC whether it is the hymns sung on Sunday, a Broadway tune, or a classical anthem – we know that music speaks a language that the spoken word cannot. We seek to honor the spectrum of style and sound. Participating in the MUCC Choir or some of the musical small groups can also serve as an entry into friendship and creative expression that meets a particular need for some people. One does not need to be a member or even attend regularly to participate in the creative connection of our music program.

“Friends, life is short:  Make haste to be kind, be swift to love”