Worship is the most radical thing we do. There is no to-do list. No multi-tasking. Nothing required of us…except to show up. And when we show up, we find music old and new, readings from scripture and contemporary texts, people to support and challenge us, sunlight and silence. God is there, too. God is everywhere, but sometimes in the sacred time of a Sunday morning we finally have a moment to notice.

We have never closed for worship! Instead we gather online and livestream worship on Facebook Live at 10am on Sundays. To find us on Facebook, click here. You matter to us, come join us! Everyone is invited to participate fully; worship comes with no requirements about age, beliefs, membership, or baptism. We use inclusive language in scripture, liturgy and hymns, as we experience God as both Mother and Father, and also to acknowledge the equality of all people.

We usually celebrate a virtual Communion on the first Sunday of the month. We share grape juice and gluten-free bread. We do this to remember the meal shared between Christ and His disciples. If you’ve ever been told or made to feel that there’s some obstacle to your receiving Communion or in any way participating in a life of faith, we’re here to say: those voices were wrong. You will find a welcome here. This is God’s table, at which all people are welcome

The service lasts about an hour and is followed immediately by a virtual Coffee Hour. Please join us on Zoom for a time of connection!

‘All will be well, All will be well, All manner of things will be well” – St. Teresa

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