In prayerful discernment, we have crafted purpose and vision statements that we feel express what God is calling our church to be. The congregation was actively a part of this process and was invited to contribute their feelings and thoughts to make sure that the statements we embraced are a shared expression.


God’s love enlivens us to rise up to be a Christ-inspired, joyous community of faith where spirit and compassion meet.


We are a Church where worship invites us into the mystery and wonder of God. Here we gather together in the celebration and deepening of our faith, sharing friendships that sustain us. We listen for the Spirit of God that moves us to act for justice and peace. Here we covenant together, sharing ministry with the pastor, to be a community where lives are changed, hope is renewed, and all people are accepted as the children of God.

Statement on Racism

Magnolia United Church of Christ recognizes the painful reality of racial violence, inequality and injustice being at a tipping point. We pledge to work toward needed changes in all of our national, regional and local systems and within our own hearts, so this reckoning moment does not pass by as it has so many times in the past.

We call for racial equality not only within the law enforcement and the judicial systems, but also healthcare, economics and education. We will listen to and study others’ experiences and views, and especially seek out those that are different from our own, even if those exchanges are uncomfortable. We will explore the complexity of our own privileges, assumptions and biases. We will vote and encourage and assist others to exercise their right to vote.

As Maya Angelou said, “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage need not be lived again.” In this process, we strive to love each other more fully, as God has enabled us to love, rooted in an honest but compassionate relationship with one another.

Open and Affirming

We declare ourselves an Open and Affirming congregation who recognize all people are uniquely loved and valued by God; and we welcome diversity of race, abilities, sexual orientation, gender, age, religious backgrounds, opinion, marital status, and economic condition. As an inclusive Christian community, we affirm each person’s unique contributions. In our journey of faith, we seek to be responsible to God and one another.
Magnolia United Church of Christ (Congregational), Adopted November 17, 1996

A Greening Congregation

We are called to live in harmony with the environment, respecting and honoring the gifts of God’s creation. As people of faith, we affirm that all of God’s creation is sacred. As a community of faith, we engage in activities that protect God’s creation and conserve resources.

Expressions of our Earth Care

Our care for creation is expressed in many ways. Creation care is woven into elements of our worship, such as prayers, sermons and music. A progressive and actively supported recycling initiative is carried out on several levels; recycling bins are everywhere, church facility users as well as members are encouraged to recycle, and use of paper products are discouraged. Twice a year we partner with 1 Green Planet by offering space and support for their trucks to pick up appliances, metal objects, computers, etc. These items are recycled for a second life rather than adding to a landfill. In addition, we are part of the Greening Congregations Program offered in partnership with Earth Ministry.

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