Covenant is an essential part of the Church’s theological understanding.

God, our Creator, initiated a compact of mutual promise and obligation with the people Israel. Likewise, Christ established a new and everlasting covenant with the Church. These covenants are expressed sacramentally through Baptism and Holy Communion.

Consistent with this tradition the Church is organized as a community built upon mutual promises and obligations among diverse people. We are a covenantal community.

When someone unites with this congregation they are essentially making a covenant to join the work of the church and to contribute to our common life. This covenantal understanding of relationships gives meaning to being a member of Magnolia United Church of Christ.

Covenant Ark


In response to God’s love we covenant to:

  • Participate in worship to deepen our faith and strengthen our community.
  • Be intentional about personal and spiritual growth.
  • Serve the world compassionately by working for justice and peace, and caring for the environment.

Because we choose to be in community with one another we covenant to:

  • Treat one another with respect and care for one another with love.
  • Foster an atmosphere of open communication and mutual trust.
  • Share in the ministry of the church, acknowledging that each person serves as God calls.
  • Support the work of the church through prayer and sharing our gifts of self and possessions.
  • Risk change so that lives are transformed and hope is renewed.