Earth Sunday 2011 – Reverencing and Caring for God’s Gift of Creation

As we embark on our new covenantal path, we want to honor our promise to compassionately care for the environment.  Earth Ministry is partnering with us to help us respond to our earth stewardship challenge through education, lifestyle choices, and organizing for social change through environmental advocacy. To guide us on our eco-theology journey, Dr. Loretta Jancoski, Vice Chair of Earth Ministry, was our speaker on Sunday, May 21.  Loretta has served on the Earth Ministry Board since 2002. She is Dean Emerita of the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University. Her meditation about salmon and the Columbia River gave appropriate local foci for us to contemplate the gifts of creation and our response. We hope to let the salmon inspire us to change both our thinking and our behaviors regarding creation. The salmon-centered art installation executed by Scott Ward, Director of Community Life, gave exciting visual representation to our sermon’s theme.  Loretta Jancoski and Lucia Schubert stand by the alter display.