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Greening Congregation Mission Statement

We are called to live in harmony with the environment, respecting and honoring the gifts of God’s creation. As people of faith, we affirm that all of God’s creation is sacred. As a community of faith, we engage in activities that protect God’s creation and conserve resources.

We are called to be good stewards of God’s garden. Drawing on our Christian tradition, we choose to live more lightly upon the Earth. We choose to work together to green our shared lives and facilities, and show our love for the Creator by honoring the gifts we have been given.

We are called to be a caring people, concerned about both the health of our neighbors and our Earth home. We strive to be faithful advocates for all creation, serving as stewards in our personal lives and our faith community, as well as through advocating for environmental protection.

Expressions of our Earth Care

Our care for creation is expressed in many ways. Creation care is woven into elements of our worship, such as prayers, sermons and music. A progressive and actively supported recycling initiative is carried out on several levels; recycling bins are everywhere, church facility users as well as members are encouraged to recycle, and use of paper products are discouraged. Twice a year we partner with 1 Green Planet by offering space and support for their trucks to pick up appliances, metal objects, computers, etc. These items are recycled for a second life rather than adding to a landfill.

We are part of the Greening Congregations Program offered in partnership with Earth Ministry. This spiritually-centered creation care organization supplies resources and staff support to congregations. They also organize special networking opportunities for Green Congregations to share their projects, events, and plans with one another.

Connections to other Earth Care Projects

Earthbongo is a project sharing site that encourages sustainability, strengthens families and improves our communities. An example of the projects on their site includes the non-profit group Nature Consortium, an organization connecting people arts, and nature.  They offer especially great educational activities.  Three times per week, Nature Consortium hosts a volunteer event in the West Duwamish Greenbelt in West Seattle.  These work parties include a short, interactive lesson on forest ecology, followed by restoration activities like removing invasive species and planting native trees.

Another fun activity is the Homemade Holiday Gifts project. Kids can learn about recycling by using recycled materials in their crafts, while making gifts from the heart for their loved ones. They can also share pictures of their crafts on earthbongo.

Access Earthbongo and see what other projects  and organizations they have brought together to share with you.