Our church is governed by the congregation itself. The congregation elects a Coordinating Council by popular vote every year. The Council includes a Church Moderator, who is the current layperson performing the executive function in the life of the congregation. The Moderator is joined by the Past Moderator, the Vice Moderator, the Secretary, and the Treasurer as executive officers. In addition to these officers, the Council is comprised of representatives of the following support teams that help us to realize our mission and vision.  The Council typically meets in the Parlor at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month.  All meetings are open to any church member.

Finance Support Team oversees the care of our finances and endowments.

Facilities Support Team oversees care of the building and grounds.

Members and friends are encouraged to get involved with support teams covering the functions of church they particularly care about or in which they have special skills.